Tuesday, April 6, 2010

10 Things which let you know you are in New Delhi!

1.When a car stereo is not for the person sitting inside the car, but rather or the people outside to know that yes…this car has a stereo….you know you are in New Delhi. What show-offs!

2.When your neighbor(s) come(s) to your house to show his/her son/daughter’s school report card….you know you are in New Delhi. “My child got an A+, what’s your child’s grade?”

3.When women get all dressed up to go to the airport to board a plane or even worse…to receive someone at the airport… you know you are in New Delhi.

4.When the first greeting you hear in any conversation (be it a friendly one or a fight) is “B****C**D” (Sister F****r)…. you know you are in New Delhi. Apparently, according to a study this is the most common curse word used in entire NCR.

5.When in any fight between people there are less fisticuffs and more of verbal volleys like…”do you know who am I?”, “I know the ACP Karol Bagh”, “I have contacts in the ministry”…. you know you are in New Delhi.

6.Coming back to fights…when fights happen over trivial issues like parking, breaking the queue at KFC or McDonald’s…. you know you are in New Delhi.

7.When every second guy in the age group of 15-22 sports a crazy hairstyle(mostly faux-hawk, emo and other extremes), has a real skinny body frame and has a fake accent…. you know you are in New Delhi. (These call centers should be given awards for making India style conscious)

8.When every car has to have a scratch mark (big cars…small congested roads…has to be) around one of its bumpers…. you know you are in New Delhi.

9.When all roads are in circles and if you miss one turn you have to go a long distance around the city to find your way back, all this while you ask for directions and they’ll be something like, “take a left from the 3rd traffic light, then take a right from the 2nd over bridge and then you’ll see a green building….take a u-turn and then take a left!”…you know you are in New Delhi.

10.This one is very crucial….when peak office traffic at 8.30 AM in the morning is brought to a complete halt because a minister’s convoy has to be given way…. you know you are in New Delhi.

These are some of my observations about India’s capital New Delhi. There might be more which I am not able to remember at the moment. None of these are meant to demean the city in any way, every city has a distinct flavor and this seems to be New Delhi’s… hot and spicy with a dash of lime.
So pack your bags, and come to New Delhi to experience this wonderfully crazy city.