Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Size Fits All

I often wonder if our perception of love – the one that is said to exist between a guy and girl, is influenced by movies and popular culture. I mean there could be three-four common place situations and we could the love-birds that we see around us in one of those:

1.      The high-school/under-graduate – Also known as puppy love, as they are yet to see the real world and  have a pink tinted view of love. First time crushes, first proposals, first acceptance, first rejections. They feel the butterflies in their stomachs, sleeplessness, etc…

2.       The master’s degree/medical students – A little above the maturity level of the kids mentioned before, these guys have probably seen a prior relationship and are better equipped to handle a second serving of the same. A little subtlety in their relationships, but very dreamy, planning futures together, same jobs, same companies, same cities and other stuff…

3.      The office romantics – Experienced, settled in their jobs, earning a decent livelihood and now hitting on a colleague/junior and in some cases…senior. These guys know exactly what they want from life partner and are basically scouting for deals. They are very subtle so as not to jeopardize their careers and hence generally are the quiet ones, without too much PDA.

Apart from that, I couldn’t really think of anymore categories (I know I’m pretty illiterate in this field)
But then I saw something, last night while returning back from a movie I got in a shared auto and seated in front of me was a not so well-off looking man and a woman who was from the same social strata. They were talking to each other while the woman held the man’s hand. They were discussing as to how he could get a job as a security guard for a bank and how she’d get more houses where she could wash utensils and do house cleaning. And since I was intrigued by their discussion, I hunched up a little and she clenched the man’s hand tightly. He said something in her ear which brought a re-assuring smile to her face. She looked up at him and straight into his eyes. I could actually feel the connect they had.

 Blame it on my ignorance, my notions about social strata and people belonging to them, never in my farther reaching dreams had I thought of a scenario where the “hero-heroine” of a love story were a security guard and a house-maid. 

And then I realized, love doesn’t really exist only for the rich, only for the people like me and you, but for everyone who has a heart which can give love to the other person. 

As someone rightly said….LOVE - One Size Fits All…. 

Stay Happy, Fall in Love, Dream Together with the Most Significant person in you life :)